Entrepreneurial Activity Self-Production Conditions within Territorial Clusters

The role of regional entrepreneurship is becoming the key point when forming Russian economy effective competitiveness and especially in terms of current world economic challenges, which determines Russian economy turbulence. The current research focuses on self-production conditions of these territorial systems clusters. A cluster’s formation based on its members’ self-production is thoroughly investigated in the research. The authors analyze clusters, their functions, and tasks definitions of economic analysis. The features of various territorial-production systems of the Russian Federation are considered in the article. Clusters competitive nature is clarified on the grounds of the analysis by using various resources and combinations of factors. An algorithm for forming business self-production conditions within a cluster is defined in the research. The research provides the analysis results of cluster business self-production formation conditions. The key integrating resource, which plays the role of a moving force for development of other resources that are necessary for forming business self-production conditions within a cluster, is elaborated in the article. On the basis of economic territorial systems with self-production features functioning analysis, the authors suggest a new economic approach to business system development by applying new cluster organization forms.

Keywords: clusters, economic development, entrepreneurship, regional economy, resource management.

Daniil P. Frolov, Victor O. Moseiko & Sergei A. Korobov. Entrepreneurial Activity Self-Production Conditions within Territoria Clusters // Asian Social Science; Vol. 11, No. 20; 2015. ISSN 1911-2017 E-ISSN 1911-2025

Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education

URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/ass.v110n20p9